CrIPTA Creative, innovative solutions and prototypes for technological applications

CrIPTA is a small spin-off company of Delft University of Technology. Within the university equipment was developed for use in electron microscopy research. However, also many other ideas, based on problems encountered in 'normal' life, were identified. Examples are a reliable and user friendly lock for laptop computers and a device to allow pulling of electrical wires through tubes with sharp corners. It is the objective of the company to create simple, userfriendly and reliable solutions to these 'normal life' problems as well as electron microscopy related problems and to show their effectiveness in prototypes. If successful the knowhow will be transferred to another company to develop the prototype into a fully commercial product.

The problems are identifed by Cripta, other companies or individuals. In the latter two cases, the whole process of realising solutions will be done in close collaboration with the other party. In fact, we strongly welcome companies as well as individuals to suggest problems.

      some prototypes can not be shown because a patent needs to be filed